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Winning the hearts of people for them to voluntarily give you their mandate at the polls requires intentional and targeted strategies.

Use data. Reduce cost. Win hearts. Win election

About Nigeria decide

NigeriaDecide.org is a platform that aggregates Live Election feeds(including announced results) during Polls to help ensure a free and fair polls in Nigeria. In addition, the platform can notify appropriate Authorities in real-time should there be any report of atypical situation To be part of the cause, visit www.nigeriadecide.org
With your mobile phones you can prevent Election rigging in your polling unit. Add 08179092255 on Whatsapp or call 0700CLOUDSMS (070025683767) for details
Follow Nigeria Decide on Facebook for Live Feeds from all 2195 Polling units on June 21 #EkitiDecides, #OsunDecides and 2015 General Elections #NigeriaDecides Follow @nigeriadecide on twitter
NigeriaDecide.org is a non-partisan initiative comprising of individuals who are passionate about making the change Nigeria require, to join the movement, send mail to instant@nigeriadecide.org
Nigeria Decide makes use of election information you send to the platform via SMS on the days of elections, you must have however pre-registered before sending elections result. To register Click here

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For questions please mail info at nigeriadecide dot com

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