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Winning the hearts of people for them to voluntarily give you their mandate at the polls requires intentional and targeted strategies.

Use data. Reduce cost. Win hearts. Win election

SMS format

To Send in the total voters on your polling unit's voters register:
If the total number of Voters in your polling unit is 1567 during a Governorship elections, then you send SMS
G [space] 1567 to 09037346541

To report any issue happening in the polling unit
If the issue is Ballot box stuffing during a presidential election, then you send SMS
P [space] Ballot box stuffing to 09037346541
To Send result of your polling unit after officials have counted,

SMS [Election code] [space] [Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes]
P aa500 apc400 npc400 pdp399 a398 acpn504 cpp690 apa569 .......
Where P is the election code representing presidential Elections.

[Election code]
Governorship elections - G
Presidential Elections - P
State representative Elections - S
Federal representative Elections - F
For more information on formatting SMS mail info@nigeriadecide.org or call 0700CLOUDSMS

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