SMS format

To Send in the total voters on your polling unit's voters register:
If the total number of Voters in your polling unit is 1567 during a Governorship elections, then you send SMS
G [space] 1567 to 09037346541

To report any issue happening in the polling unit
If the issue is Ballot box stuffing during a presidential election, then you send SMS
P [space] Ballot box stuffing to 09037346541
To Send result of your polling unit after officials have counted,

SMS [Election code] [space] [Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes] [Space] [another Party short name][Votes]
P aa500 apc400 npc400 pdp399 a398 acpn504 cpp690 apa569 .......
Where P is the election code representing presidential Elections.

[Election code]
Governorship elections - G
Presidential Elections - P
State representative Elections - S
Federal representative Elections - F
For more information on formatting SMS mail or call 0700CLOUDSMS

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