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Your votes have the power to change Nigeria for good through your choosing of the right leadership. Dont Sell or allow your votes to be compromised, participate in the elections and monitor it yourself to ensure the announced result is that which represent the choice of the people.

Information about Nigeria's 2015 Elections
Information about Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

Nigeria Decide 2015 is a platform dedicated to providing you with complete Pre-elections, elections and post-elections information about Nigeria’s 2015 General Elections. The platform also has an Election Monitoring platform that aims at preventing rigging in the 2015 Elections by comparing real-time result sent in by registered users(Voters) against that which is announced by EMB, We are working hard to ensure the integrity of the system. The system cannot however function as expected without you. See how to contribute towards this project. 


To Support this project, Please mail info@cloudware.ng or contact us on www.cloudware.ng

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