It does not take rocket science to be convinced that a large percentage, if not all, of the elections in the past in Nigeria have in one way or another been adulterated. Although the general populace does not know what exactly is responsible for these heinous actions, whether the electoral body’s incompetence or dishonesty or the criminal actions of political parties and their cronies, it cannot be overemphasized that some measures have to be put in place to ensure the integrity of the electoral process is no longer compromised and that announced election results reflect the people’s choices.

Information about Nigeria's 2015 Elections In view of these past, and sadly normal occurrences of irregularities and jeopardy in the electoral processes that Nigeria has experienced in the previous elections, a platform NigeriaDecide has been developed to monitor election and ensure the integrity of election results. NigeriaDecide is a platform intended to collate the results exactly as announced in each polling unit across the nation and transfer them to a safe and secure server where  everyone can view the results online. This is to ensure anyone and everyone can have a picture of the results that are expected to be announced by the electoral monitoring body. This will help to have an idea of where the discrepancies occurred and the appropriate quarters can be challenged concerning the published results.

This requires that everybody be interested in making sure that their choices in the elections are not over-ruled by some unpleasant elements in the polity. In this wise, there is a need for all to be actively involved in the process – from voter’s registration right through to the election results announcement.

The effectiveness of the NigeriaDecide platform depends on the active participation of concerned Nigerians in the electoral process. Thiswill require the submission of the results announced in each polling unit by SMS to the NigeriaDecide platform for it to be collated and secured on the server. There are over 120,025 (one hundred and twenty
thousand and twenty-five) polling units in Nigeria, so there needs to be active  involvement of concerned Nigerians for this undertaking to be accomplished and to cover all polling and the results from each polling unit, so that the interests of all Nigerians are equally represented (at least 120,025 people are needed).

To be part of this election monitoring platform, you must be registered to vote (you will need the polling unit number on your voter’s card to register on the NigeriaDecide platform).

locate_pu_numberTo register on the platform, SMS “polling unit number” e.g. 05/07/09/008 to 09037346541. You will immediately receive a registration confirmation alert on your phone.

Then on the election day, to send in election results announced at the polling unit, SMS the announced results for your polling unit in this specified format e.g. aa500  apc503  acd512 pdp503  and send to 09037346541.

The NigeriaDecide platform is powered by CloudWare Technologies, an innovative technological solutions provider that provides appropriate technological measures to meet Africa’s pressing needs. CloudWare Technologies’ client base ranges from individuals to corporate establishment, federal government and international organizations.

For more information on the electoral process and how to be a partner in this cause, email or call 0700CLOUDSMS or visit

INEC Releases “Guidelines for Permanent Voter’s Card Distribution 2014”

INEC, last week, released to the public the method by which the long-awaited Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) will be reeled out to the voting population.

Here is the content of the document INEC released for the process:



Guidelines For Permanent Voter Card Distribution 2014


Guidelines made pursuant to section 16 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). Issuance of voters’ Cards is the responsibility of the Independent National Electoral Commission. The proprietary right in the voters’ cards is vested in INEC.


  • Smart card-based Voter ID;
  • Stores voter’s information such as bio-data, biometrics and facial image;
  • The card technology provides adequate security features to reduce vulnerability to counterfeiting
  • The PVC shall be used for identification and authentication of voters during elections


A person is eligible to collect PVC if he/she :-

  1. has registered before
  2. is in the register of voters displayed.
  3. has a temporary voter card (TVC)
  4. has lost his/her TVC but his/her identity can be confirmed.
  5. Is physically present at the collection centre. There shall be no collection of PVC by proxy.


  1. PVC distribution will be at the Polling Unit.
  2. Those who are unable to collect their PVC during the specified period shall, therefore, collect theirs from the INEC office in the LGA.


The PVC distribution will take place at designated venues between the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm for the specified period.

6.0   Guidelines for the distribution of PVC

6.1 The Electoral Officer

The Electoral Officer shall be in charge of the Local Government Area and shall coordinate all the activities in the local government area, with the assistance of the Assistant Electoral Officer(s) (AEO).

The Electoral Officer shall ensure that:

  • The PVCs are arranged according to their RA and polling units.
  • The PVCs are arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Each distribution center /polling unit is manned by the Distribution Officer (DO).
  • DOs should be competent in handling questions concerning the pre-CVR display.

6.2 The Supervisory Distribution Officer (SDO)

The SDO shall manage a registration area and all the polling units within the registration area, supervises the distribution officers and also performs the following tasks:

  • Collects the PVCs by RA/polling units at the LGA office
  • He/She makes sure there are PVC cards for all PUs in his/her RA.
  • Signs for the collection of these cards.
  • Distributes PVC cards to the DOs.
  • Distributes daily distribution report forms to the DOs.
  • Distributes Electronic Voter Register (EVR) for display to the DOs.
  • Distributes Electronic Voter Register (EVR) for distribution to DOs.
  • Goes round the PUs to ensure:
  1.  that the Electronic Voter Register (EVR) is displayed
  2. that the DOs are working
  3. that the distribution is going on as scheduled and planned.
  • Collects the daily report forms at the end of the day
  • Ensures the security of all materials collected.
  • Submits the daily report forms at the end of the day to the Electoral Officer.
  • Retrieves all materials from the DOs at the end of the exercise.
  • Returns all materials to the L.G.A at the end of the exercise.
  • Provides technical support to the DOs.
  • Reports all activities at the RA to the E.O.

6.3 Distribution Officer

  • This officer takes custody of the PVC cards
  • Pastes the register of voters for display at the PU and makes sure it is on display for the period of the distribution.
  • Checks and confirms that the prospective voter is in the distribution register of voters.
  • If the name of the prospective voter is found on the distribution register of voters, he/she shall search through the PVC cards for his/her PVC.
  • He/she requests prospective voter to thumbprint and sign the PVC collection section of the distribution register of voters.
  • Retrieves the TVC from the prospective voter and hands over to prospective voter his/her PVC
  • Where the prospective voter does not have a TVC, the prospective voter is made to sign an attestation form and affix his/her passport photograph.
  • If the prospective voter is suspected to be under-age, his/her PVC shall be retained at the LGA office.
  • Makes sure that the retrieved TVCs are properly stored and secure in the bag provided.
  • At the end of each day he/she will make sure that the number of PVCs signed for equals the number of PVCs he/she has handed over to prospective voters.
  • Completes the card issuance daily report and makes sure that the report tally

6.4 Security Agents

A Security Agent is any person duly assigned to a polling unit from the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) or Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) or any other  Security Agency  mandated to enforce and maintain law and order throughout the  exercise.

  1. There shall be only one security agent assigned to each PU (unless a security assessment recommends more than one)
  2. The security agent assigned shall be responsible for security, law and order at the PU
  3. He/she shall be responsible for security and protection of the Distribution officer, materials and equipment at the PU.

Prof. Attahiru M. Jega, OFR

Chairman, (INEC).


INEC Commences Election Observer Registration for Ekiti, Osun Elections

A lot of activity has been going on concerning the coming elections. Political parties are jostling and strategising and preparations are surfacing all over the place. As all these activities are going on, the Independent National Electoral Commission is also preparing for her officiating responsibilities. In order to  ensure that all possible angles are well covered. the commission has started the registration of election observers.

observer2 observer

Election observers are people that go the polling units on election day and observe the conduct of the exercise. they then later give a detailed report of how the exercise went with advices and/or suggestions on how the difficulties can be overcome in subsequent elections.

Election observers are usually volunteers (individuals or organisations) or government agencies from across the globe that are concerned about the state of governance and democracy. INEC will encourage Observers to verify the success and limitations of these arrangements. While INEC is the only body legally empowered to monitor elections in Nigeria, Observers are essential in verifying that voters exercise their  franchise in an environment of freedom and fairness, free from coercion, intimidation or violence. They are also to witness whether or not the results announced fairly reflect the votes counted. INEC has made arrangements for proper and efficient accreditation of Observers to facilitate their ease of movement around the country before, during and after, the elections. A Unit has been created to liaise with and ensure hitch-free accreditation and facilitation for Observers.

To have an idea of the requirements for being an election observer in Nigeria, read this guideline from INEC on election observeation.

For election observers that want to register  for the coming Ekiti and Osun State Governorship Elections download the forms from here:



INEC Cautions Politicians Against Early Campaign

The Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission, Mr. Kayode Idowu, has cautioned politicians against early campaign to avoid overheating the polity.  Idowu made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Lagos. He said INEC had issued timetable which clearly indicated the timeline for commencing campaign by political parties and candidates in the country. Continue reading INEC Cautions Politicians Against Early Campaign

Fayemi: LG Elections Will Hold in Ekiti This Year

Ekiti State Government has expressed its determination to conduct local government elections in the state later this year.

Governor Kayode Fayemi gave the hint during the inauguration of caretaker chairmen of the 16 local governments in the state in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday.

Ekiti State Governor - Dr. Kayode Fayemi
Ekiti State Governor – Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Plans by the Fayemi administration to conduct the local government election in 2012 were aborted by a law suit instituted against the State Independent electoral Commission (SIEC) by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Fayemi, however, told a cheery crowd of supporters at the Jibowu Hall, venue of the inauguration that the legal obstructions in the way of the conduct of the council poll were being resolved.

“Our administration is determined to hold local government elections before the end of 2014 by the grace of God,” the governor said, adding that his administration was committed to representative democracy at the local government level.

Urging the citizens of the state to be alive to their civil responsibilities especially as the governorship election takes place in the state by June, Governor Fayemi stressed the importance of the citizens’ participation in the various exercises outlined by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), notably the Distribution of Permanent Voters Card slated for March 7 and 9 and continuous voters registration between March 12 and 19), among others.

The governor, who noted that his administration placed much importance on the quality of personnel at the helm of affairs in the council areas, urged the new council chairmen to be close to the people whom they were appointed to serve.

“We have carefully chosen men and women of repute who have very good understanding of the goals of this administration and have the capacity to carry all stakeholders along towards achieving them,” he added.

He said that in furtherance of the administration’s engagement with the citizens, the administration was kick-starting the local government stakeholders’ forum aimed at consolidating the government’s feedback mechanism.

He urged new council chairmen to strive to perform creditably, reminding them of the need to ensure transparency, diligence and commitment to growth and development.



APC Says It Hired Obama Political Consultants for 2015 Elections

Abuja – Nigeria’s main opposition party All Progressives Congress hired the U.S. political consultancy that helped Barack Obama win two elections to work for it in next year’s presidential vote, an official said.

apc logo


Continue reading APC Says It Hired Obama Political Consultants for 2015 Elections

Voters Verification Platform for 2014 Ekiti & Osun + 2015 general elections Nigeria

Have you done voter’s registration and you need to verify that your name indeed is in the voters register?

Below is the steps

  1. Select your state of registration
  2. Enter your last name
  3. Enter your full VIN or the last 5 digits of your VIN.

Continue reading Voters Verification Platform for 2014 Ekiti & Osun + 2015 general elections Nigeria