INEC Tight Security measures analyzed #2015elections

At the National Youth Conference to 2015 Elections organised by UNDP/DGD via YIAGA, The INEC representatives made mention of  elimination of snatched box from election collation results, upon reading INEC’s “2014: Electoral Tasks Ahead” which mention the same Security feature, I begin to ponder how the EMB is tackling the issue of Security of systems and processes during/towards the upcoming General elections. Due to the effect  this write-up may generate, I will give a brief of how things can go as unexpectedly only based on the above “EMB Fact”. for any further details contact me below.

“The fact is, any ballot box snatched under the present system, for instance, is simply eliminated from the collation equation”

The above is an excerpt of an idea of what shall/will be in place in the upcoming elections, now my question is if a successful coordinated attack(hijacking Polling boxes) is done by a party who is trailing behind another party, and a polling unit where the winning party has a strong point is hijacked in transit,  will this not have a major impact on the outcome of the final election results?

Take for example in 2011 Oyo State Gubernatorial elections bellow,

Ajimobi polled 420,852 votes to Akala’s 387,132, according to the INEC

Any major outcome of this statement ” any ballot box snatched under the present system, for instance, is simply eliminated from the collation equation” will have a great effect on this particular exaple above.

What is the EMB (INEC) doing towards this system loophole?


  • Perimeter and transit security has to be tight
  • Security personnel have to be rotated to prevent evil coalitions by subtle malicious/compromised security personnel
  • extra attention must be placed to details such that polling boxes meant for Pollen Unit A is not taken to B (before voting commences)
  • Many more security systems can be put in place to prevent such loopholes from having effect on the system and process.

I shall be doing a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities that may exist in the current planned electoral system and processes. This report WILL NOT be made public except excerpt that which will better inform the electorate



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