NigeriaDecide Completes Mapping of All the 120,025+ Polling Units in Nigeria


NigeriaDecide just recently completed the mapping of all the over 120,025 (one hundred and twenty thousand and twenty-five) polling units in Nigeria. This is in furtherance of the platform’s intentions to ensure the transparency of the forthcoming elections in Nigeria.

The mapping of the polling units was necessitated by the disheartening information obtained from election observer reports that some electoral officials find it very difficult to locate the polling units to which they are posted to conduct elections. This results in the lateness of the officers

The polling units have been graphically represented on a map on the NigeriaDecide website to ensure that anyone who needs to locate any polling unit in Nigeria will be able to do so easily as the polling units are represented with the features that uniquely identify the place also shown around the area. The map can be panned in all directions to get more of the features in the area surrounding the polling unit.

This map will be a very useful tool for electoral officers (who sometimes are not informed of their postings until about a week before the Election Day) as well as voters and election observers to locate and get directions to their polling unit of interest. In addition, voters can locate the polling units nearest to their residence and choose the most accessible and convenient one to vote in.

NigeriaDecide is a platform intended to collate election results exactly as announced in each polling unit across the nation and transfer them to a safe and secure server where everyone can view the results online. This is to ensure anyone and everyone can have a picture of the results that are expected to be announced by the electoral monitoring body. This will help to have an idea of where the discrepancies occurred and the appropriate quarters can be challenged concerning the published results.

To register on the platform, SMS “polling unit number” e.g. 05/07/09/008 to 09037346541. You will immediately receive a registration confirmation alert on your phone.

For more information on the electoral process and how to be a partner in this cause, email or call 0700CLOUDSMS or visit

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