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Winning the hearts of people for them to voluntarily give you their mandate at the polls requires intentional and targeted strategies.

Use data. Reduce cost. Win hearts. Win election

Nigerian Voter Education!

Make Sure Your Vote is Valid!

Transfer Your Voting Registration

If you relocate to another place outside the constituency where you registered, you cannot vote in the new location unless you transfer your registration.

  • Procedure for Transfer

Replace Lost/Damaged Voter's Card

If a person loses his card or if it is damaged, the Independent National Electoral Commission can replace it.

Electoral Offences and Penalties

There are rules guiding the electoral process and anyone who violates these rules is liable on conviction to be penalized.

Details of the Voting Process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Unlimited Hosting @ CloudHost Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Preocedure for Transferring Your Voting Registration

    Step 1- The person who intends to transfer his registration will write an application to INEC's Resident Electoral Commissioner of the State where he is currently residing.
    Step 2- The applicant will attach his voter's card to the application.
    Step 3- The applicant must apply to the Resident Electoral Commissioner not later than 30 days before the date of an election in the constituency where he is residing.
    Step 4- The Resident Electoral Commissioner will direct the Electoral Officer of the applicants Local Government Area to enter his name in the transferred voters list.
    Step 5- The Electoral Officer will assign the applicant to a polling unit in his constituency.
    Step 6- The Electoral Officer will issue the applicant with a new voter's card
    Step 7- The Electoral officer will retrieve the applicant's previous voter's card
    Step 8- He will then send a copy of the entry to the Electoral officer of the constituency where the person whose name has been so entered was originally registered.
    Step 9- Upon receipt of this entry, that Electoral Officer shall delete the name from his voters list.
    Note- Apart from State Headquarters Offices of INEC, applicants can also submit their applications at the INEC Office in their Local Government Areas. The applications will be forwarded to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for necessary action.

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